Dita2Kirby (1) - An Idea In Danger?

The difficulties in building a plug in dita2kirby.

Kirby is a file-based CMS. It works with text files. So why not create a DITA-OT plugin that generates txt-files made for Kirby CMS? As a result you can export your content to the web and add a comment function and much more. And most of all: You can customize the design.

One file - one directory

Before I started, I wanted to clarify something fundamental. That’s why I asked a question in the DITA users group.

I need help creating a plugin. It creates text files for the file based CMS Kirby. But Kirby CMS expects that each text file is located in a separate directory:
But ALL links to example.txt must be only:
Which template do I have to change to shorten the linking path? And where can I find it within the DITA-OT? The plugin is based on the xhtml plugin and it is a slightly changed variation of Jarno Elovirta´s plugin net.sourceforge.dita-ot.html

Short answer by Mica Semrick:

For HTML outputs, the output path generally mirrors the input path.

What to do now? Stop the project? What do you think?